Parent's Portal

Here at Bede Burn Kindergarten we want to keep all of our parents as up to date and involved with what is happening at the nursery. Our Parent's Portal will provide you with an introduction about how we ensure that the care we provide to your children is of the highest quality so they can grow up to reach their full potential and how we go further to make this a reality.

This area will also allow us to share resources that we feel could be beneficial to you as part of our nursery and as parents, whether it is updates from Bede Burn Kindergarten, tips and advice for how to encourage your child's development outside of nursery, or relevant updates from the Local Authority or government. We want to keep you up to date with everything important because the learning doesn't stop when nursery closes.

Our Latest Portal Updates

Tapestry Online Learning Journals

Tapestry is about capturing the magic of a child's early years experience, and recording children's learning in a way that is both secure and that we can share with their parents.

As a child attends Bede Burn Kindergarten they start to build up a learning journal full of observations and photographs of their time at nursery. Traditionally these would be paper based and would take a long time for the staff team to put together while offering little chance for parents to see them until their child had finished nursery. With Tapestry this all changes, not only is it much easier for our staff to put together their key children's learning journals but you can also view you child's journals at any time with your own secure login.

The system lets you view all of your children’s observations, photographs and even video from their time at Bede Burn Kindergarten from your mobile, tablet or computer allowing you to follow your child’s individual progress closely and letting you reflect upon their achievements at nursery. You can add comments so that we at nursery can find out about which activities your child really enjoyed and the learning they get up to at home.

Learn more about Tapestry.

Early Years Foundation Stage

At Bede Burn Kindergarten all staff follow the Early Years Foundation Stage, which sets the standards for the learning, development and care of your child from birth to 5 years old. The EYFS gives us a set of common principles and commitments to help us ensure that we deliver quality early education and childcare experiences to all children.

Learn more about how we follow the EYFS at Bede Burn Kindergarten.